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Attempt at Translations

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Attempt at Translations
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Here are some translations I have done. My japanese is all self taught so I am positive there are mistakes. If you have any comments or corrections, or requests, let me know! Also, I got the raw japanese from sites, and from now on I will try to pay attention to what these are. If I took yours though and you want credit just let me know. The translations are done by me, but use them for whatever you want, just maybe let me know.

Go!Go!7188 ~ Aa Seishun

Go!Go!7188 ~ Rokku

Kra ~ Hard Lolita

Metronome ~ Kimi no wake boku no iiwake

Sex Machineguns ~ S.H.R. (Sexy Hero Revolution)

Kra - Musai no tori to Kajitsu Stuff on here is not mine. Don't kill or sue me please.