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MP3 Rotation
Attempt at Translations
Media list
Past Rotations
Name: 景夕 (Keiyuu)
Birthday: February 26th
Bloodtype: B
Height: 156cm (~5'0")
Favorite Brand: Hysteric Glamour/nemesu/Gabriel Chelsea
Favorite Color: Black, grey, red, blue
Favorite saying: There’s a thin line between genius and insanity!
Favorite Type: Someone I can hear gentle things from.
Disliked Type: A selfish person.
Your treasure? : My friends from highschool.

Name: 舞 (Mai)
Birthday: April 14th
Bloodtype: A---
Height: 170 cm (~5’6”)
Favorite Brand: Jiburi・World Masterpiece Theater
Favorite Colors: Black・White
Favorite Food: French Bread
Favorite Type: Kind
Disliked type: Scary
Your Treasure? : A live where everyone has fun/ Kra’s songs.

Name: 結良 (Yuura)
Bloodtype: A
Height: 173 cm (~5’7”)
Favorite Brand: Lionheart / Gucci
Cigarettes: marumen Box
Favorite Type: Cute kids
Disliked type: People without dreams
Your treasure?: 9/11 Pass

Name: 靖乃 (Yasuno)
Birthday: November 4th
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 180 cm (~5’9”)
Favorite Brand: Hysteric Glamour
Favorite Color: Reds, pink, magenta
Favorite type: A girl with beautiful eyes (yay thanks ayaki)
Disliked type: People who make angry faces.
Your treasure is?: Air? (NO, it's "my body" - thank you again!) Stuff on here is not mine. Don't kill or sue me please.