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Hard Lolita
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Hard Lolita
by: Kra

Stop the worn out time, now, young girl, live young girl
Show that lovely body bloom beautifully white
Just love, young girl, live like a flower young girl
Show those lovely petals bloom beautifully white

You’ve only seen dirty things
You’ve only seen hated things…but

It seems like you live to find a place to run to
When you sing, you put all your heart into it, like you're making sure of yourself
When you turn around, there’s just a sea of people and a whirlwind of words.
What flowed by were just useless words

Just love, young girl, live like honey, young girl
pour the obscene nectar, and let your soft body bloom
get torn in love, young girl, now young girl, cry, young girl
make your frail heart shake, shed overflowing tears

You’re tired of loving
But it probably hurt… a lot.

Attack the people who treat you badly, to protect yourself
Don’t have wounded feelings in the refreshing rain that spreads out in front of your eyes.
With the bitter taste of reality and no refuge with these thoughts
Look at your pitiful self, in tears the city is warped

Love again young girl, abuse your heart, live young girl
Lift your lovely voice and bloom beautifully and strongly

A person continued to sing
Even now the song doesn’t fade or vanish

Living as a person it was the first time you understood kindness
By seeing other people’s pain you understood their foolishness
Don’t forget the pain that you felt then, keep on living
Don’t forget the tears you shed then, keep on surviving

The days that we laughed at tragedy, the nights we were touched
I yearned for everyday in the sights I saw.

“If I put on my favorite clothes and get dressed up prettily,
I wonder if I will return to living as a young girl?”
Please keep living, strongly, strongly, from here too
You have to walk on the road with thorns too

In the limited time, a good person keeps surviving
Darkness is wiped away, fumble with the disappearing time Keep living
Keep living
Keep living
Keep living
I’m still yearning.


[ ] written in katakana

Romanized by Hikaru Fujimiya ( Stuff on here is not mine. Don't kill or sue me please.