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June 2005
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靖乃 (Yasuno)
Pink Diary~♪
Many days from today we’ll have LIVES for our ONEMAN TOUR
Everyone seems to be going on a trip☆

Congratulations to everyone whose birthday was today or yesterday
Let’s make the year from now a wonderful year

Tsukasa very good! KoPink very good! (smile)

06/26/105 (sun) 10:40:07


舞 (Mai)

The first live in a long time was fun (>_<)。
My foot injury recovered perfectly, and since I took it easy it was ok o(^-^)o
It was a little early but it seemed like you might have been suffering from the heat, take care of your physical strength (>_<)。

06/28/105 (tue) 01:12:25


good morning SAMBA☆

Sorry for the delay in the journal!
Thank you so much for the live☆ The heat was really amazing; It was really the hottest of the hot. Also, I thought the live was good. Thanks for making the time pass quickly for us. Also, it boosts our self esteem when I can truthfully say to my friends that our band is well liked! Thank you for sparing time for us.
P.S. This is DuelJewel Fan. “I am Mario ☆fufun. Ah, Yuura san, that one sound slipped off☆” Say it the way it sounds…. Indirect teasing;

06/28/105 (tue) 13:01:29


舞 (Mai)

Happy Birthday o(^-^)o
I was taking a SHOWER, and the bathroom electricity went out. I was startled by it for a moment(>_<)
It was a light bulb(>_<) Dark bathrooms are scary (>_<)。

06/30/105 (thu) 00:42:45 Stuff on here is not mine. Don't kill or sue me please.