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July 2005
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結良 (Yuura)

The weather suddenly became cool, ne; Don’t catch a cold.

07/04/105 (mon) 09:56:37

景夕 (Keiyuu)

I was really surprised.
It seemed like I was appearing in Hollywood.
Iya, I was surprised.


07/04/105 (mon) 10:25:02


靖乃 (Yasuno)
O-Pinku Dairy

Pink desu

It’s almost time for the “MARCHEN RADIO” broadcast BAI
Everyone, please listen to it!!

Happy birthday to everyone whose birthday was today or yesterday
Have a good year from now, girls☆ミ

Hona, Late again~♪

07/05/105 (tue) 20:37:18


舞 (Mai)

Ah (>_<) Since the morning was clear I want to wear jeans (>_<)。The wind is good ne (>_<)
The radio was fun☆

07/06/105 (wed) 02:45:11

It’s me.

I came to Shinjuku for the first time in a long time. The Koushu highway empty, unlike usual. The other lane was crowded.
I noticed that lately I have been tormenting myself a lot. There was one today.
I spoke on the phone with my friend. He caught me and kept me talking for 30 minutes…
I totally forgot…; I told myself not to even have these long talks….
Nn~…Not smiling(:_;)

07/07/105 (thu) 13:11:42

It’s me…

Yesterday was the Star Festival.
A person with no dreams writes no wishes on the Tanzaku. You can only meet the Weaver and Altair once a year. Those feelings somehow last the whole year. They play the Japanese style ROMEO and JULIET ☆
True love ne ☆

De, I’ve started to think my wishes won’t come true. If the wishes I wrote on paper came true, everyone would write!

The Weaver and Altair’s concept is unrequited love. I want to hear them say “Will you be satisfied with meeting once a year? AHAN?”

I want to hear “before you cross the milky way, don’t you have to cross the River Styx? AHAN?”
Well, such a thing is going too deeply into it, there is no point…

Ah, there is a bass question.

I’m beginning my newest BASS, but something hurts my right hand, in moving my index finger, I can’t reach the four strings. But still, with great effort it seems like I can play it, don’t you think?
It takes a lot of effort☆ There was a person, I don’t remember who, but this person lost a finger in an accident. But still, until he was able to play the Guitar he tried. It was written in a book.

I will try hard until my fingers can play! That kind of talent really is very rare. Talented people really put a lot of effort into it ☆ When I was first in a band, for about a year I would practice for 5-10 hours a day. Even before the band, I still played even during breaks. Be persistent☆

I don’t practice either. Again, except the band.

07/08/105 (fri) 11:45:06

This is the first site I came across when I did a search for the Star Festival, for anyone who wants background information

舞 (Mai)

I bought a Sanuki udon set and made it☆
It was tasty (>_<)。

07/08/105 (fri) 12:03:14

靖乃 (Yasuno)

This is PINK
Such hot days will continue everyday?
Do you think August will be like a furnace?

Yesterday, in London there were multiple terror attacks that happened at the same time?
Why do these things continue!?
These things have no benefit to anyone
The day before yesterday when it was decided they would be the host of the Olympics, there was a big hubbub. Because of this, even more sadness couldn’t be helped…

Yesterday was the Star Festival, but did everyone wish? I wonder if they had a meeting? The weaver and the Altair

Happy Birthday to everyone whose birthday was yesterday or the day before
And, congratulations to the person whose wedding anniversary was yesterday
Everybody be happy from now on too☆ミ

I want to hurry up and go on TOUR♪

07/08/105 (fri) 14:55:43


結良 (Yuura)
It’s me.

Good evening. Lately I’ve been riding my motorcycle. It’s the best escape from reality☆
And I don’t drive dangerously♪ My driving is safety well riding behind 孝chan who has taught me the best.(?) Probably….
Today was a little chilly. I wore short sleeves on the motorcycle;

Before when I went to buy cigarettes, there wasn’t a YANKEE outside the convenience store, it seemed like everyone turned into YAMAMBA men and women, and they were all over... It was scary.

07/09/105 (sat) 04:09:42



I spilled dirt in my
room (>_<)。
07/10/105 (sun) 01:12:12 Stuff on here is not mine. Don't kill or sue me please.