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MP3 Rotation
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Here we are with a new rotation, including songs from Kra and Merry's new releases, and Sharaku from Metronome's side project Floppy. Enjoy!




If you didn't read it, please read the entry page for the rules. Evaluation purposes, I am not responsible, and really, support the musicians if you can. There are two ways to get songs. Here ----->
and besides that I have an email address that is a music sharing site. Log in on as with the password hownice, and the songs are embedded in the emails. Just click and download. Alot of the stuff if from my other friends and is not jrock, but alot of it is jrock, so just look around. Invite yourself to gmail or upload songs there, whatever you want. If you have requests, sign my guestbook, send me an email, or message me on AIM at madatpaperboy3.


Merry - Kubitsuri Rondo

A really really good Merry song. This was one of the first songs on the new album (Nu Chemical Rhetoric) that I REALLY REALLY REALLY liked. Wow! I'm still always amazed at how good they are. This might be a Merry fansite if there weren't already a few of those around.

Kra - Candy

Please, ignore that weird fake trumpet thing. I don't know why bands feel the need to put that kind of stuff into otherwise really good songs. Anyway, it sounds like Keiyuu's voice has really matured, and I love it still! It's so deep in this song! Anyway, you all know I love Kra so I'm a bit biased, but please enjoy! By the way, this is from their newest release, Acid Marchen.

FLOPPY - Sayonara Milk Tea

A cute song, I like it, it's very catchy, and very much Sharaku singing, but I would say it uses more electric stuff than metronome? Why do I even bother with these descriptions? Stuff on here is not mine. Don't kill or sue me please.