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October 2005
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景夕 (Keiyuu)
MERUHEkkushun (Something like Fairytale-ation)

Ee-, It seems like somehow I caught a cold…
The tissues are MARCHEN-like (fairy-tale like) drops of rain… They don't stop. I can't stop sneezing. My throat is scratchy. But tomorrow is a LIVE.
It's a lucky LIVE.
As much as I would like to change it. (^_^)
I want to quickly become well. Everyone please come(^_^)

Ah, yesterday I got Yuura to show me how to do palm reading.

It was "fresh fall leaves". He didn't share.

But it felt like I had encountered something important.
It's pretty interesting, ne.

Well, I'm about to go out.

10/11/105 (tue) 19:07:16 Stuff on here is not mine. Don't kill or sue me please.