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Since apparently I am not being very regular about updating this, if you want to be notified when I actually do update, just email me ( telling me that and I'll let you know.

Well, I just want you all to know I am not pro-robbing people. Any mp3s or whatever I make available, are for evaluation purposes only, 24 hours, you know.
So now that that is done, things can become exciting! I plan on making this a place of cuteness, japanese (notpop) music and anything else I decide. The dogcat hugging picture I got some random place online after seeing it in postcard form, and my friend Vanessa added the perfect "Yes?" So. Anyway. Please enjoy yourselves, and send any comments or not viruses to

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Two years of not updating! Not quite a personal record, but still impressive. So, I just found out that people are actually still coming to this site and I'm a bit embarrassed. The translations are AWFUL! And the ads make me want to smack something. If I wasn't ridiculously penniless, busy, and lacking in computer skills I would move this site somewhere else and start over. But I am all of those things, so I probably won't.

For those of you who don't know, I do translations of Kra's journals at

So, umm. maybe I will try to fix some of the stuff I have up here. Although I have a lot of translations I could put up, the ads drive me insane so I probably won't.


Ok well the first thing I have to say is that these comments from stupid people trying to promote their site is getting out of hand. The second is SORRY! I have been sooo busy (the excuse is getting old, right?) I'm off to update. I have some journal entries, lyrics translations to kra's musai no tori to kajitsu, and new mp3s to upload. The songs are Merry - Kubitsuri rondo, Kra - Candy, and Floppy - Sayonara Milk Tea.

Umm, ok, so I'm not done with everything but I'm going to publish it anyway. I have some more journal entries that I translated lying around, and a bunch of really LONG entries that it's hard to not get distracted while doing. But finishing them shouldn't be too hard. I'll try to get back to it soon, but I gotta write lots of papers today. So I am off to do that!

Thank you my dear sweet people who signed my guestbook and put the counter over 1000 and made me feel loved. I am full of excuses like always. I am having some pretty serious family health problems right now which will hopefully turn out ok, but it's still scary and between petsitting, school, and trying to spend as much time with my mother as I can, I have no time at the moment. Obviously, my mother is my first priority, then school and pets, and then other things like this website. So, my mother should be out of the hospital like next weekend, and after maybe a week's recuperation for her, I should have some more free time where I can update this website and translate and everything. But! I do have one piece of good news for this site. I'm actually taking a Japanese class! I have to start from the beginning and that will be silly, but it means I will understand the grammar better and you can read less terrible translations. One of my text books is actually a super-handy particle dictionary that my teacher wrote, so look forward to (slight) improvements already. That is all. Sorry that I keep putting off updates, but I REALLY WILL UPDATE THIS SITE! It has not been abandoned.


Hello! I'm sorry, I have been sick, lazy and busy once again. I will try to do one more big update before school starts the 29th though. To answer my guestbook quickly, Keiyuu is vocals, Mai is guitar, Yuura is bass and Yasuno is drums. I'll put that stuff in their profile when I actually update. Thank you to anyone who actually signed my guestbook though! I'm working on a Houhokekyo cosplay (from 36481?, Kra's alter-ego band)for Otakon this weekend, so I'll try to update next week. Maybe I'll post some pictures up of that and my friend's Kuu Keiyuu. Right, until next week, when there WILL be changes to this site!


It's almost August! School is so soooonnnnn. And Otakon! Too bad their musical acts this year stink horribly. I have many exciting updates!

New rotation! (Kra ~ Shounen to Sora, Zigzo ~ Fukai mori ni ita, Melt Banana ~ If it is the deep sea, I can see you there, and BALZAC ~ Day the World Caught Fire) The music section has been renamed for the month in honor of my theme. Try to guess what it is!

Besides that, I put up a discography and reorganized the diary entries awhile ago, and today I updated the discography and added 10 more diary translations to the July section.

Also, I'm going to make a tiny little gallery, thanks to kind kind donations from Rena-chan. If anyone else has any donations to the gallery, please let me know! I want to make this site as nice as possible, so Kra gets what they deserve!

I'm sorry about the popups and stuff! I don't know what I can do. I know nothing about webdesign and I have absolutely no money to actually pay anything for this site. If anyone has any help or suggestions, PLEASE let me know.

Actually, today I spent the day trying to learn HTML, I will keep trying. Please enjoy the site!


Finally, a real update! the rotation this time is Ayabie - Kaeru to kubiwa, Das:Vasser - Shiroi kimi, kuroi tsuki, and Merry - Violet Harenchi. I also kind of redid the translation of Hard Lolita, put up a couple more Kra diary entries, and changed the site name YET AGAIN! If I have energy I will put up a Kra gallery and a list of past rotations tonight. It's a surprise whether I do it or not! surprise!

I am so LATE~! Sorry! I have not forgotten though. Soon there will be an update, I will try to do it within the week. Now I am still kind of sick and wanting to sleep, so I will do that. Apologies.

Hi! Still no scans, I'm sorry, I have been super busy. Someday though. Here is a new rotation! It contains Kra and Daishi. I also added Kra ~ Hard Lolita and Sex Machineguns ~ S.H.R. to the lyrics translation part. I really really love Kra and Sex Machineguns right now. I was looking at songs on soulseek by Sex Machineguns, and there was a song called Pandachan next to HEAVY METAL THUNDER. They are the cutescariest thing in the world. By the way, I'm tetsusnipple on soulseek, feel free to add me. Lala sleeppppeyyy. No new bookoff acquisitions.

Ah, my, tripod is driving me crazy. Apparently I have to have it all stupid and long like this and I can't make it scroll. I can't seem to figure it out! I am so helpless at this webdesign stuff. I can't stop spending money I don't have. The other day I got a Feel So Bad cd, a compilation with Melt Banana on it, and a Jekyll to Hyde cd. $3 each! Bookoff, please stop eating my nonexistent money. I will put some new songs up. This time, I'll put up World/inferno friendship society, luminescent orchestrii, and a clip of a hungry march band song, along with some (terrible) photos from the show. Have a nice niiiight!

- Go!Go!7188 - Aa Seishun replaced by
~ Melt Banana - Pigeons On My Eyes (Go To Sleep!!!)
- Merry - Uragiri Loop replaced by
~ Kra - Circus.

Sorry it's been so long between updates. It's school ending time now. I should be studying for my finals and writing all the papers that are due the day after tomorrow, but instead I have decided to drink a margarita and play with this site. I can't do much now, but right after I get out of school I will correct the translations I already put up, and also put up more. I did a couple of other translations, including Sex Machineguns' "Sexy Hero Revolution", and I plan (of course) to do some Kra ones. I also want to work on the design and make it less unpleasant. I kind of like it in some parts but it could do with a lot of work. I'm just not sure how.

Also, another announcement. I love bookoff with a wonderful, burning passion. Here are my relatively recent acquisitions from there.
-$3 Shoxx and Fool's Mate from last year
-3 $3 Buck-Tick cds (including stickers in one)
-$6 Genkai Haretsu Bomb hide mook
And I don't even know what else. There are some dvds and cds I really want there but it's hard to spend over $10 when you don't have it. They have X's last live for $15 though, a double video! And THREE different Sads videos! And a Shelly Trip Realize DVD! I will stop about Bookoff, but anyone who lives in the NYC area, go support them! They are great! I also recently obtained the issue of Cure with Kra and the latest issue of Shoxx (with Mucc on the cover). So I have lots and lots to scan! Whee!
I doubt anyone is interested, but I also plan to put up pictures from the concert I went to on Sunday, the World/Inferno Friendship Society at the King Gypsy Massive Rock something something something festival. These are my plans! Enjoyyyyyy~!

Please, someone give me feedback, I'm lost. I decided to start translating some of the stuff that's on Kra's official site because there really is not enough English stuff about Kra. Give me requests for music please! When I'm not lazy and have the energy to bully my dad into letting me use the scanner I'll scan some nice pictures for you all. All 3 of you. Enjoy! Stuff on here is not mine. Don't kill or sue me please.